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Springbok Casino Launches New European Roulette

European Roulette at Springbok Casino
Springbok Casino stands out among the many online casinos of South Africa by the incessant need of its developers to bring more entertainment to players. The most recent of their additions definitely falls in line with this policy. The Springbok casino team has recently introduced a new game that allows you the experience of a true casino regardless of whether you play from your PC or iPhone. The name is European Roulette and it definitely lives up to the standards set by most prominent casinos of the Old World.

A little bit of history

Roulette is the classic of casinos the world over. It was originally invented in the 17th century France and has been gaining in popularity since that time. Nowadays, it’s impossible to imagine a casino without a roulette of some kind.

There are two main types of roulette played today, American and European. The latter is definitely loved more by players because it reduces the chances of the house. The difference between the two doesn’t seem like much. The European version of the game has one Zero while the American one has both Zero and Double Zero on the wheel. However, this little bit is enough to double the casino’s chances of winning. Therefore, players usually prefer European roulette and games based on its design to the one developed in Las Vegas.

But just so you know, Springbok offers both kinds of roulettes in several variations. So if you want to try your luck, you should explore every option available. Your chances of winning will, no doubt, grow due to varied bonuses and other perks provided by Springbok. Stay tuned for the platform’s news to find out about all the most […]

Cash Bandits: New Slot from Springbok Casino

Springbok Casino knows that the best way to keep players interested and attract new ones is to keep them entertained and excited. And what better way is there to achieve this than by introducing new games? This is exactly what Springbok casino does. Although there are already over two hundred slots in its collection today, it continues to add new and exciting slots.

This July, Springbok Casino has once again presented South African players with a new game. The most recent slot is called Cash Bandits. It was developed by Realtime Gaming, an acclaimed game design company that has gained recognition all over the world.

Seeing as how Realtime Gaming is one of the most promising developers in the business, there can be no doubt that Cash Bandits will win over the hearts of many players. After all, this is the standard of quality we’ve come to expect from Springbok.

What’s special about Cash Bandits?

This slot has a lot to offer, starting with its beautiful design, courtesy of the talented Realtime Gaming crew. The game is full of vibrant colors and artful images. However, being a visual joy doesn’t make it complex. Even those who have never played an online casino slot before will have no problems learning the ropes. Educational videos will help you if you don’t feel confident enough in your skills yet. The controls are easy to understand as the game is made to be fun and enjoyable.

However, as with any other casino slot, Cash Bandits is more than just a way to pass the time and enjoy colorful images. It is an opportunity to boost your mood sky-high by claiming a jackpot. Even if you don’t attain the highest win that exists in […]