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Safe Deposits at Springbok Casino

One of the main concerns, if not the main concern, of people all over the world who make money transactions online is whether or not their money is safe, and if they will successfully complete whatever transaction they’re making, whether it be buying a sweater online or depositing into an online bank account. Payment methods and banking procedures are one of the most important things that people should look into when they decide to try the online casino experience. Having a quick, easy, secure way of depositing money can ensure that players don’t miss out on great jackpots and special promotions. Realistically, every time players make a deposit, that deposit should be available within minutes to ensure customer satisfaction.

At Springbok Casino, careful steps are taken to ensure that their customers feel safe making deposits online and withdrawing their money too. The methods at Springbok have been proven to be the most effective for South African players and each deposit is safely protected with the best encryptions.

What are the different types of deposit methods that players can use at Springbok?

MasterCard & Visa: depositing with credit and debit cards is still the number one method for most players. Using debit cards is recommended though since it is easier to control how much you are depositing without going over the balance in your bank account! Using this method doesn’t take more than a few minutes to set up with all your information, but does require players to fill out a credit card authorization form at Springbok!
EcoPayz: Similar to PayPayl, EcoPayz offers digital online payments from anywhere in the world in a staggering 45 currencies. This method can be used to pay directly on websites and […]

Springbok Casino Spotlight – BlackJack

Blackjack, also known simply as 21, is the most widely played casino banking game in the world! It is a relatively simple and easy game to play and players all around the globe enjoy it, including the loyal customers at Springbok Casino. The casino offers many variations of this classic table game and they even offer some insight and external resources on the origins and strategies of the game!

Where did Blackjack come from?

It is universally unknown where the game of Blackjack comes from. It is derived from the game 21, which came before it but also has no definitive origin. It is speculated that it originated in France. The first written reference to the game is in a novel written in the early 1600s by Miguel de Cervantes, who penned Don Quixote. One can then infer that 21 started to gain popularity around the 17th century and then later found its way to casinos all over the world. There were some big players associated with Blackjack as it spread across the globe, such as:

Edward Thorp, a mathematical genius who was the first person to use a computer program for gambling purposes. He wrote a book about applying math to beat the house in Blackjack.
Stanford Wong, responsible for the “Wonging strategy”, in which the player enters the game only when the odds are in the players favour, and leaves as soon as the odds are against them
Ken Uston, also a mathematical genius who was eventually banned from casinos because he was so strategic and beat the house on multiple occasions

How is Blackjack played?

The basic goal of Blackjack is to reach a card total of 21 and it is played only between the […]

Lucky Player Wins Big at SpringbokCasino

For one very lucky woman in Capetown, her life was changed for the better when she won a small fortune playing God of Wealth, one of Springbok Casino’s newer slot games. 60 year old Johanna D was awarded a hefty sum of R270,000 when she saw the new game advertised on PlayCasino, a featured online casino website and guide, and decided to give it a whirl to see what all the hype was about. And she is probably glad she did! Everybody at Springbok and PlayCasino was thrilled to award the payout to Johanna; PlayCasino had this to say:

“Springbok Casino always goes above and beyond for its players. Of the over 100 South African casinos we’ve reviewed, Springbok  is our players favourite. As partners of Springbok for many years, we’ve heard only praise for the casino, its promotions and customer support, its range of deposit methods and excellent withdrawal speed, not to mention its brilliant scope of games for both desktop and mobile.”

The respect is mutual, as Daniel van Wyk, manager of Springbok, praises PlayCasino and their partnership with Springbok and other online casinos, and their endless opportunities for the local casinos to advertise their specials and promotions.

What is God of Wealth?

Launched in January of this year, God of Wealth was the very first game launched in 2016 by Springbok Casino, created by Real Time Gaming. The figure “god of wealth” is inspired by Caishen, the god of prosperity, worshipped in Chinese folk religion and Taoism. His name is often celebrated at the Chinese New Year, as many people hope to be bestowed with his good fortune and some of his wealth and abundance. What a fitting way to introduce a new year!

Daniel van […]

Progressive Jackpots at Springbok Casino

What is a progressive jackpot and why should you care?

Progressive jackpots are dependent upon the number of people who play a specific game (usually a slot machine) all around the world. As more people play, a tiny percentage of their played coins feed the pot, and players can watch the number slowly climb higher and higher, until one player wins it alland claims the sometimes enormous prize. Unfortunately there`s no standalone system or strategy that increases a players chance of winning the jackpot… there is a more likely chance of winning the lottery, if not the same chance! However astronomical these odds may be, there is no doubt that the idea of even walking away with an absurd amount of money is fun to toss around.

Progressive jackpots on online machines usually fall into one of two categories:

Randomly triggered: Absolutely anybody can win the jackpot at absolutely anytime. There is no certain symbol alignment needed to win, but players more times than none need to make the maximum bet in order to be eligible to win.
Non-randomly triggered: As the name suggests, the progressive jackpot is fixed to trigger when at least 5 of the same symbols align on 5 reel slots, etc. These slots will usually inform the player what symbol(s) is needed to win.

At Springbok, there are many table and slot games offered that have a potential progressive jackpot, an attractive feature that makes for a fun play. These games include:

Cleopatra’s Gold: one of Springbok`s most played games, Cleopatra’s Gold immerses the player in an ancient Egyptian themed, 5 reel payout slot with Egyptian symbols and icons catered to the time period. The progressive jackpot is won when 5 symbols […]