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Due to the incredible feedback from all our punters Springbok Casino is rewarding the game of the month to Enchanted Garden II. Enchanted Garden 2 was released on Springbok Casino’s gaming platform at the beginning of June and since then this new slot has shaken the gaming world into a different dimension.

This new sequel captured the hearts of all players instantaneously.  Enchanted Garden II is becoming as well-liked as its prelude that was released a decade ago and is not stepping down a notch down.

This fairy themed slot possesses the perfect blend of features that compliments this fantasy slot.  Enchanted Garden 2 boasts with advance technology that includes improved graphics and 3D visuals. If you fell in love with its predecessor, then Enchanted Garden II will surely leave you breathless.

Let your senses be captivated by the enchanted forest where you encounter magical creatures in a careless world upon your journey. Become a part of this majestic world at Springbok Casino while playing this exciting game.


Voted as South-Africa’s number 1 Online Casino, Springbok are promoting daily bonuses and free casino bonuses on a weekly basis to our supporters.  This is one of many reasons why we are the best.   Join in the fun by indulging yourself in the following offers we have in store for you while playing Enchanted Garden II at Springbok Online Casino.

Double Compt points for Enchanted Garden II

During the month of July 2016, receive 1 Comp Point for every R5 you put down.

Bonus:  125% up to R250

Use Coupon GOTM-JULY-16.

Deposit during the month of July and receive 125% up to R2500 bonus at Springbok Casino.

Free Spins

Use Coupon JULY-16-SPINS

Receive 50 free spins when making a […]

Springbok Casino Mobile and Facebook

It seems like nowadays everybody is on Facebook. The ever growing popularity of the website as a social media marketing tool has spiked enormously over the past few years, and today, one can find almost any international company and business on Facebook as a way to promote what they offer. Springbok Casino joined the Facebook family about a year ago, and it is a sure way for their customers to keep up with the latest news, and ensure that they are the first ones to hear about the latest specials!

By now, most people are familiar with Facebook and how it works. For some of the people who aren’t quite sure, Facebook is one of the biggest networking tools in the world and anybody can simply search for a person, place, or thing, and when they find the page they’re looking for, they can simply access almost all of the same information that they would if they were on a website. It’s basic structure and layout offers pictures, reviews, and posts for anybody located anywhere to see!

What makes Springbok’s page so special?

Springbok ensures that their Facebook page stays current with the latest information and any kind of promotion they’re currently offering with their casino. One of the main things that also stands out on their page is that they boast that messages are replied to ‘typically within a day’. This means that if anybody has a query about anything in regards to the casino, all they have to do is send a quick message and they will normally receive a response within a day. This tool makes people feel comfortable , and it is a very easy and simple way to enquire about problems/questions without […]

Save the Rhinos at Springbok Casino

The lion, buffalo, elephant, leopard, and rhino make up Africa’s signature big five, a term that refers to Africa’s most wild animals. For those who have had the opportunity to see these magnificent animals up close in person in the wild, they can testify that is truly a peaceful and satisfying experience to see them in their natural habitats.  Unfortunately, one particular species, the rhinoceros, have fell victim to the ever growing act of poaching over the past few years.

What is poaching? Poaching is defined as “the illegal taking of wildlife, in violation of local, state, federal, or international law.” In the case of the rhinos, these animals are killed for the illegal trading of their horns. Some people believe that the rhino horn is supposed to have powers such as a cure for cancer, an aphrodisiac, and a cure-all for diseases and illnesses. It is these beliefs in some Asian nations that have led to the spike in rhino poaching for horn trading. Rhinoceros horn is now worth more than diamond and gold by weight, and the act of “illegal wildlife product trading” has now become the fourth most lucrative global crime.

There are so many organizations worldwide that work to conserve the rhino populations that inhabit Africa and Asia, but one in particular that Springbok fully supports is Aquila Animal Rescue and Conservation Centre.

What is the Aquila Animal Centre?

The Aquila Animal Rescue and Conservation Centre is a non-profit organization that was established in Cape Town as a place for animals to go if they could never be released into the wild again. It is also a temporary home for those animals needing a bridge between captivity and being released into the wild.

The […]