About the Springbok Casino Gaming Software

Springbok Casino is powered by Realtime Gaming. Sites powered by Realtime Gaming typically give the player the option of playing instantly or installing a software package sized at around 1.6MB prior to installation. The installation itself will be completed in 40 to 30 seconds on a reasonably high-end PC or laptop when paired with a good internet connection.


Realtime Gaming first launched on to the scene in 1998 in Atlanta, Georgia. The developer was then taken to Curacao in the Caribbean after it was acquired by Hastings International in 2007. This has impacted on the philosophy of Realtime Gaming, with the team more concerned with the actual development games rather than with bureaucracy. As a result, Realtime Gaming platforms can vary from site to site. This can entail inclusion of multi-platform games or else varying odds. Some Realtime Gaming sites are said to have more favourable odds than others, when you read industry commentary.


Updates are carried out when you open the software but before you are required to log in. A major plus for the updates is that they occur very quickly and, for the most part, don’t result in a software crash. Some of the bigger developers have platforms that can be susceptible to crashing when an update has to be undertaken. This is thankfully avoided when playing at Springbok casino.

Simple to Use

It certainly isn’t the most extravagant casino software platform to ever to be developed, but you can’t fault it for being laid out well. Everything is really easy to find and there are no complex or unnecessary sections included. The focus of the software platforms is one the games, which is exactly where it should be.

Flash Platform

This enables casino players to log in at Springbok Casino and play without the need to download and install the software. A considerable amount of games are available to play including table games, online slots and video poker. The flash platform is pretty good, but there are a couple of negatives when compared to downloading the software. The simplest observation has got to be that the flash platform does not have to full selection of games, checking in at less than 100 when there are more than 200 on the downloadable software platform. A further point to be made is that the downloadable software functions much better. You come across less instances of jerky graphics and the general experience is more stable.