Cash Bandits: New Slot from Springbok Casino |

August 2, 2015 admin

Cash Bandits slot at Springbok CasinoSpringbok Casino knows that the best way to keep players interested and attract new ones is to keep them entertained and excited. And what better way is there to achieve this than by introducing new games? This is exactly what Springbok casino does. Although there are already over two hundred slots in its collection today, it continues to add new and exciting slots.

This July, Springbok Casino has once again presented South African players with a new game. The most recent slot is called Cash Bandits. It was developed by Realtime Gaming, an acclaimed game design company that has gained recognition all over the world.

Seeing as how Realtime Gaming is one of the most promising developers in the business, there can be no doubt that Cash Bandits will win over the hearts of many players. After all, this is the standard of quality we’ve come to expect from Springbok.

What’s special about Cash Bandits?

This slot has a lot to offer, starting with its beautiful design, courtesy of the talented Realtime Gaming crew. The game is full of vibrant colors and artful images. However, being a visual joy doesn’t make it complex. Even those who have never played an online casino slot before will have no problems learning the ropes. Educational videos will help you if you don’t feel confident enough in your skills yet. The controls are easy to understand as the game is made to be fun and enjoyable.

However, as with any other casino slot, Cash Bandits is more than just a way to pass the time and enjoy colorful images. It is an opportunity to boost your mood sky-high by claiming a jackpot. Even if you don’t attain the highest win that exists in the game, you’ll still get plenty of opportunities to WIN.

One of the special additions that makes Cash Bandits stand out among other Springbok slots is an interactive bonus round. It increases your chances of winning exponentially and adds a new level of thrill to the game.

Get a chance to rob the casino

In essence, this is what the concept of Cash Bandits boils down to. Everyone is fond of the good old cops vs. robbers plot. Quite often, it’s the robbers that we empathize with most as theirs is a life full of thrills and adventure. In a way, this new game from Springbok Casino allows you to become one of those romanticized bandits and literally rob the casino.

Isn’t that every player’s dream?

The bonuses offered by the game make for an exceptional experience that will definitely keep you coming back for more. This sense of adventure, along a little flavor of danger and the immense pleasure of winning, is sure to make Cash Bandits a real hit among South Africa’s online casino fans. And the greatest thing of all is that you can play via Springbok’s mobile app. So, the game is available to you literally everywhere, as long as there is an Internet connection, which isn’t a hard thing to come by these days.

To steal money from the house via Cash Bandits, players are presented with 5-reels and 24 paylines. You get a multitude of chances complemented by wilds and free spins. The game is local progressive, so the jackpots you can grab get really big.

Want even more excitement?

Try the “Vault” feature. This one is for the more daring, who really get into the spirit of bank robbing. The “Vault” gives you an opportunity to break into the bank and “steal to your heart’s content”. The feature opens a bonus round that gives you a selection of four vaults to break into using a keypad. If you are lucky, you will get yourself a multitude of free games and multipliers.

Cash Bandits is the latest addition to Springbok’s already extensive game collection, but it won’t be the last. We look forward to seeing what the developers will come up with next time. But for now, it’s time to don our masks and do some serious casino robbing.

If the spirit of old school bandits is not your cup of tea, check out Springbok’s website. There are so many interesting games to try that you will surely find something to make you happy.