The Bank on It Slot at Springbok Casino

Bank on It is a classic 3-reel, one payline Springbok Casino slot with a Wild symbol, a Piggy Bank Bonus Feature, Red-Seven, Blue-Seven, 3-Bar, 2-Bar, 1-Bar and Cherries. Though it does not have a scatter symbol or progressive jackpot, the winnings from this game are such that will make your day.

Theme of Bank on It!

Its theme is based on the classic look of a piggy bank, which shows glamorous coins falling about. It has a vintage look to it that reminds you of the classic eras – the 50’s and the 60’s when these kind of slots were in fashion. Its symbols are brightly colored with a shiny script and also have a metal handle. It is designed to remind everyone playing it of the first time these games were introduced in casinos.

Wild Symbol

The Wild symbol of this game is the Wild Logo which can be substituted for other symbols except that of the Piggy Bank. Winning combinations can be formed by substituting different symbols with the wild symbol. In a Piggy Bank combination, you just have to cross your fingers and hope for the best as the Wild Logo cannot help you there.

Piggy Bank Bonus Feature

The main thing to do in this game is to make a straight line combination on the wheel’s central line, then the player i.e. you, can end up winning a lot. Getting 3 blanks on payline lets the bet go to the Piggy Bank. The Piggy Bank is located on the slot machine’s top right corner. If you get 3 Piggy Banks in a row, then you get whatever winnings you have collected in the Piggy Bank. If luck is on your side, then the sum in the Piggy Bank which you own might also increase by quite an amount.

Other Features

The betting amount can be chosen by the player himself/herself. The coins can be in values lying in the range of $0.05 – $5. A maximum bet of $15 can be placed. The number of coins you bet will determine the amount that you will win. The numbers always represent the quantity of coins won during any game.

Bank on It! offers an experience of the classics that will take to you the 50’s and 60’s for the chance to win great amounts of money. Winning the jackpot can earn you lump sum amounts that will make your wildest dreams come true.