Bulls and Bears is another Real Time Gaming video slot with 25 paylines and 5-reel progressive (Random) jackpot featured by Springbok Casino. The game is popular and demanded among virtual gamblers because of the additional features this game has to offer. Loaded with scatter symbol, wild symbol, free spins and multiplier, the gameplay is also said to offer wins worth $10,000 which is what players get if they win the highest jackpot.

About the Bulls and Bears Slot

Who doesn’t want to get lots of money, especially if there is no effort required? Everyone is interested in making money that comes by chance. This platform gives you a chance to gamble and place small stakes in order to try your luck to hit a jackpot. So if you want instant wins, try your luck at Bulls and Bears.

Characteristics of Bulls and Bears

The gameplay revolves around a progressive jackpot with 25 paylines and 5 reel slot. While the name suggests that the theme would be around Bulls and Bears, the theme is prosperous and glamorous. Even the symbols represent different money-related items like bonds, bills, gold bars, hectic stock brokers and safes. Experience a virtual stock exchange as you experience some serious money making by trying your luck at Bulls and Bears.

The game features two wilds – bulls and bears. The slot also offers guarantee option features in addition to two jackpots – major and minor. The benefit is that when you play, this amount keeps on increasing with time. As you look upon the denomination, the range lies between $0.01 to $1 which means $25 dollars can be used in a single spin at best. Always remember that the option of Feature Guarantee option is represented by a side bet. But it is absolutely worth spending the money as the overall results might be extremely generous.

Slot Special Features

To make the entire thing more entertaining and lucrative for the players, there is a lot more offered that you can believe. First and foremost, if you manage to hit two wilds, i.e. the bear with Sell! Written on it and the bull on reel 4 and 2 respectively, these can be used to replace the symbols with winning combinations to double the prize.

More importantly, the Feature Guarantee option enables you to trigger the feature whenever you like and at any point or soon after playing free spins. Bulls and Bears is a popular Springbok’s introduction offering a multitude of traits to its players. It offers great deals for all gamblers. So grab one now and try your luck on this virtual slot machine.