Are you running after the dream of becoming the no.1 online gambler of South Africa? Participate in the Springbok Casino Dream Run and try your luck in this interesting video. While the main theme follows street racing, there are some wonderful features this slot offers that you cannot afford to ignore.

About the Dream Run Slot

Dream Run is based on 25 paylines and 5-reel progressive jackpot gameplay. It follows the popular street racing theme that has become a modern pastime these days. In addition to the theme and graphics, the feature it offers makes it more entertaining and a desirable game slot. These include wild symbol, scatter symbol, free spins and a bonus round. Up to 25 lines per spin can be used by the players to increase the winning chances to the max.

The Theme

The main theme around Dream Run is street racing. This is why you will find tire tracks on reel background. In addition, you will also find other theme-related icons as symbols. Since street racing is considered a rough sport, the symbols on the reels also include tough-looking characters and guns.

A cool racer together with his fearsome competitors can also be found on the reels. There are nitrous buttons, speedometers, grid girls, guns, wheels, steering wheels, traffic lights on the reels as well. Last but not the least, all Springbok Casino’s slots include some common poker symbols including numbers and alphabets like 9, 10, A, K, J and Q. It is interesting to see these symbols because some of them are animated too. However, you will only find them moving when you successfully form a winning combination.

Dream Run Slot Features

There are two different types of wild symbols on the reel. Look out for opponents appearing on any reel except for reel 1. A hot racer could only appear on reel 1. Any icon can be used to replace the wild symbols to result in a winning combination.

On the other hand, you have scatter symbols too that are represented by translucent light, which changes colour from red to green when they appear on any reel in the slot. Two or more of these symbols in green light will win you a prize and the Dream Run bonus round will also be activated. Dream Run is the perfect example of fresh features and an interesting theme. Try your luck now and give your take on this interesting slot by Springbok.