The High Rollers slot at Springbok Casino

High Rollers is a Springbok casino non-progressive game slot with 3 reels and 5 paylines. The slot has a wild symbol and a maximum jackpot of $ 500.

Theme of the Game

Are you tired of the traditional progressive slots? Well, here is your chance to invest and win in something that is comparatively contemporary in the classic category. The main idea of the game slot does not revolve around money only; it introduces you to an un-traditional way life.

High Rollers is one of the modern classic slots that has features that are rarely seen in any other classic slot. Although it is not as flashy as the progressive slots, it can still guarantee a lot of fun and excitement. The game slot has a hippie theme where the main feature of the game is a hippie guy. Other symbols include right colored t-shirts, red bus, butterflies and a peace sign.

The Wild Symbol

The peace sign will represent the wild symbol of the game. It will do you justice by providing you a lot of winnings on your betting amount. Moreover, it will replace all other symbols on the reel and grant you a winning combination.

Betting Denominations

The credit chips, like all other classic slots are to be selected from $ 5, $ 25 and $ 100. Secondly, you need to decide how many bets per line are you willing to place. The betting denominations can be selected from 5 cents, 25 cents, 50 cents, $ 1 and $ 5. If you bet in all 5 lines simultaneously, your winning chances will hike up significantly. The highest amount of bet that can be played is that of $ 25. Make sure you use it wisely!

You will observe that this Springbok game slot is a new take on the genre of classic game slots. Some of the features of this game slot are exclusively reserved for this slot only. These are the features that make this slot captivating and rich of winning opportunities.  The sound effects in their child-like manner may appear silly but it adds up to the overall effect of the game and makes it more appealing.