Pharaohs Gold Slot at Springbok Casino

Pharaohs Gold is a non-progressive Springbok casino slot with 3 reels and 3 paylines. The game slot has a wild symbol and a maximum jackpot of $20,000.

Theme of the Game

This classic slot will give you a flavor of the ancient times with an Egyptian emperor and his treasure. At one point or another, we have all fantasized about stumbling across hidden treasures and gold. Well, here is your chance of living your dream!

In this game slot you will see scarabs, masks, pharaoh eyes, snakes, Egyptian crosses and lots of other ancient symbols. In order to make the game slot more interesting and competitive, you will come across some symbols that are meant to confuse you. However, all this confusion is worth it, as this classic slot provides you tons of winning opportunities.

The Wild Symbol

An eye represents the wild symbol of this classic slot. This eye can replace all the symbols on the reel to generate a winning combination. Although there is another symbol that can spoil this winning combination, it is that of Golden Ankh. If this symbol appears anywhere on the reel, just know that you have lost all chances of scoring a winning combination.

Another high paying symbol is that of snakes. The presence of snakes anywhere on the reel indicates that you are capable of winning lots of money. Moreover, this game icon has interesting graphics too!

The Progressive Jackpot

This non-progressive slot has a progressive jackpot that is shown t the top of the reels. In order to win this progressive jackpot, you need to hit three Pharaoh symbols anywhere on the reel on a three coin bet. If this winning combination strikes while you are betting less than 3 coins, then your progressive jackpot will reduce to 50 winning coins. So, it is better to take your chances and bet higher rather then playing safe.

Your initial impression of the game may lead you to believe that this Springbok slot has limited winning options, but as you start playing this game slot you will realize that in addition to being interesting, it also has endless winning options. So, enjoy this game slot with loads of money!