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May 21, 2016 admin
Shark Month at Springbok casino

Shark Month at Springbok casino

The entire month of May is dedicated to the most feared ocean predator in the world at Springbok Casino! Species such as the silvertip shark and the Zambezi shark are just a few species found off the coast of South Africa itself, mostly because of the tropical ocean temperatures. Underwater cage diving has become an increasingly popular industry in South Africa, with most businesses offering the experience located right in Cape Town. In most cases, sharks will leave you alone if you don’t bother them! Perhaps the most feared species, the Great White, is found in waters all over the world. Spanning an average of seven meters, Great Whites are for the most part, fearless creatures, with the exception of only humans and orca whales. Free diver Ocean Ramsey says, “In the end, people will only protect what they love, and only love what they understand.”

Enjoy underwater themed games and specials all month at Springbok Casino, South Africa`s premier online casino. Some of these promotions include:

  • R25000 Shark Freeroll Slots Tournament in the Crystal Waters slot, an underwater themed game with majestic creatures such as dolphins and sea horses and a beautiful coral reef. When three yacht symbols appear on the reels, enjoy a free spin bonus round with 15 free spins! Immerse yourself in the deep blue and potentially increase your winnings by as much as 8x with a wild bonus fish! Entry fee: none
  • R500 Free Casino Bonus for all players who make a real money deposit in the month of May. Code 500MAY16.
  • Get into the aquatic underwater theme this month and try some of Springbok’s slot games, like Lochness Loot and Mermaid Queen. Also check out the game of the month at Springbok, Ocean Oddities.

All slots and table games at Springbok Casino are from Real Time Gaming (RTG) and can be played in South African rands and serviced in English or Afrikaans. RTG will be launching a new game this month, Super 6, a 6 reel slot game that groups Wilds and doubles prizes and increases payouts with free spins and more. There is no doubt that some gamers will most likely use their Shark Month bonuses towards this new and exciting game, set to launch on the 18th of May!

The Sharkblog at Springbok

Have you ever wondered how sharks really sleep? Or just how many teeth are really housed in their incredibly large jaws? Check out Springbok`s Sharkblog, where you can learn the answers to these questions, along with understanding the different species of sharks, such as the bull shark and the whale shark. Learn what all the fuss is about regarding shark fins and you can even watch a video of a too-close-for-comfort encounter with a Great White from a well-known free diver.

  • Fun fact: Each Great White shark has a unique fin just like every human has a unique and individual set of fingerprints. This is important for researchers to study their behaviour!

Daniel van Wyk, manager of Springbok Casino, said this about the Sharkblog:

“It was really fascinating working on our sharkblog. I`ve always been fascinated by these ferocious creatures of the deep-but I learned lots of new things about them from the blog. Like did you know that sharks have 3000 teeth?! Or that the whale shark is the very biggest fish in the sea? Or that most sharks don`t really sleep because they have to keep moving to breath?”   

Are sharks an endangered species?

Unfortunately, some shark species are endangered due to human activities such as getting trapped in fishing gear and shark finning (removing the fin and then discarding the rest of the body). Some of the threatened species include the Great Hammerhead and the whale shark. Pollution of waters and food waste in the oceans are also harming sharks, causing them to swallow the foreign objects and die as a result.

Why is this important?

Sharks play a very important role in the oceans and the ecosystem. Positioned at the very top of the food chain, they keep fish populations healthy by eating very efficiently, going after the older and slower fish of a preyed upon species. Without sharks to regulate fish populations and without them at the top of the food chain, the whole structure would essentially collapse, causing extinction of many other species.

Conservation Efforts in South Africa

South Africa was one of the first countries in the world to protect the Great White Shark. The entire species have existed in our world for over 450 million years! All kinds of life in our oceans are important for various reasons and have a mutual working relationship that benefits all involved. The SASC (South African Shark Conservancy) works extensively to raise awareness and implicate efforts to save all different species of sharks. Through internships, donations, research, and publications, this is one of many organizations who dedicate their time to conserving this delicate species from becoming extinct.

Shark month specials and promotions are valid until May 31st at Springbok Casino, South Africa`s most trusted online casino.