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June 14, 2016 admin

Progressive Jackpots at Springbok casinoWhat is a progressive jackpot and why should you care?

Progressive jackpots are dependent upon the number of people who play a specific game (usually a slot machine) all around the world. As more people play, a tiny percentage of their played coins feed the pot, and players can watch the number slowly climb higher and higher, until one player wins it alland claims the sometimes enormous prize. Unfortunately there`s no standalone system or strategy that increases a players chance of winning the jackpot… there is a more likely chance of winning the lottery, if not the same chance! However astronomical these odds may be, there is no doubt that the idea of even walking away with an absurd amount of money is fun to toss around.

Progressive jackpots on online machines usually fall into one of two categories:

  • Randomly triggered: Absolutely anybody can win the jackpot at absolutely anytime. There is no certain symbol alignment needed to win, but players more times than none need to make the maximum bet in order to be eligible to win.
  • Non-randomly triggered: As the name suggests, the progressive jackpot is fixed to trigger when at least 5 of the same symbols align on 5 reel slots, etc. These slots will usually inform the player what symbol(s) is needed to win.

At Springbok, there are many table and slot games offered that have a potential progressive jackpot, an attractive feature that makes for a fun play. These games include:

  1. Cleopatra’s Gold: one of Springbok`s most played games, Cleopatra’s Gold immerses the player in an ancient Egyptian themed, 5 reel payout slot with Egyptian symbols and icons catered to the time period. The progressive jackpot is won when 5 symbols of the lovely ruler Cleopatra are lined up on a single reel.
  2. Aztec’s Millions: Themed around the ancient South American civilization, this slot offers a glimpse into one of the most famous history lessons of all. Including icons such as exotic animals and hidden treasures, it also offers a lucrative progressive jackpot to be won by matching 5 of the key symbols on one of the five reels. Its low minimum bet amounts and large maximum bet amounts will also appeal to all players alike.
  3. Spirit of the Inca: Another universally told history lesson comes in the form of the tales of the Incas, the largest empire that was located in modern day Peru, South America. This game has 5 reels and 25 paylines, but what really makes it interesting is its five progressive jackpots at the top of the reels that increase with every spin and can be awarded at any time during the game. There are so many bonus rounds and ways to win free spins that one simply has to play this game for the thrills of it.

Players who favour table games probably aren’t that familiar with progressive jackpots or have never seen the high payouts that they offer, but Springbok is one step ahead and has a number of table games that offer progressive jackpots to those who prefer the classics over slots:

  1. Caribbean Draw Poker: Only offered by Real Time Gaming, this poker game is relatively easy to play but a little difficult to become good at. The rules and structure are similar to Caribbean Stud Poker, but the progressive jackpots are structured differently. Betting on the progressive jackpot in draw poker only pays out when players receive a flush or better without drawing extra cards. You can win the jackpot regardless if the dealer qualifies for the hand or if the dealer`s hand beats yours.
  2. Let ‘Em Ride Poker: Let ‘em ride is a simple poker-based game where three face up cards are dealt to the player and two face down community cards are dealt in front of the dealer. While still using strategy to play the game, it is often said to be easier than playing other poker games such as Texas Hold ‘Em. What sets this game apart from the rest is the fact that players aren’t playing against other people or the dealer, they are simply trying to claim a win by themselves, for themselves. Experts at poker will surely take to this game and learn the strategies quickly, all while betting on the progressive and watching it grow little by little!

The other kind of jackpot found in Springbok’s online games is the fixed jackpot, which is pretty much self-explanatory! The fixed amount of the jackpot is often displayed somewhere in the game (in slots it is usually located on top of the reels) so players know exactly how much they could potentially win.

While fixed and progressive jackpots are both anxiously nerve-racking and entertaining, they both are exciting in that they promise enormous rewards to the lucky winners. There are even some games out there that contain BOTH types of jackpots just waiting to be popped! You don’t just need skills and strategy to win one of these random jackpots…

Who knows, it could be your lucky day!