Springbok Casino Affiliate Program

Springbok Casino offers you the opportunity to make extra income by referring Springbok Casino to your friends, family or anyone interested in gambling. If you are not familiar with affiliate programs, don’t worry, we will tell you everything you need to know about the Springbok Casino affiliate program.

When you sign up as an affiliate of Springbok Casino, you will get your own unique tracking url. This url will contain your tracking id. Whenever someone clicks on your unique link and they sign up at Springbok Casino (you referring someone) and starts playing, Springbok casino will track the player and give you a share of whatever the referred player spends. For example, you post your unique url on your facebook page, some of your friends click on it and signs up, depending on what they spent, you will get 25% of that. One great thing about the program is that the player you referred stays under you for life, meaning you can still earn commission from a player one, two, three .. years down the road.

How much can you earn?

It totally depends on how many new players you get to play at Springbok Casino. Let’s assume the average player deposits R200 and spends it. You will earn R50 from that. Refer 20 new players your first month and you will earn R1000. Next month you refer 20 more, that is R1000. Now let’s assume 10 of last months players deposit R200 each, that’s R500 commission. So at the end of your second month you would have earned R1500. The following table gives you an idea how much you could earn assuming an average player deposit of R200, R600 and R1000 (a R1000 average deposit value is about average from experience)

 1st Month2nd Month3rd Month4th Month5th Month6th Month
New Players202020202020
New Player CommissionR1000R1000R1000R1000R1000R1000
Existing Player CommissionR0R500R1000R1500R2000R2500
Total CommissionR1000R1500R2000R2500R3000R3500
Average R600 DepositR3000R4500R6000R7500R9000R10500
Average R1000 DepositR5000R7500R10000R12500R15000R17500

You can thus see that a good income is possible by referring new players to Springbok Casino. It should be noted that the standard commission rate of 25% can be negotiated upwards if an affiliate shows consistent new referrals.

How to Sign Up?

1.) Click here to go to the Springbok Casino Affiliate Signup page.

2.) Click on the “Sign Up” button. Fill out the sign up form and submit. In the field where they ask you for website url, simply input your website url or if you don’t have a website, input your facebook profile url (simply telling Springbok Casino that you will market them on Facebook). You could also create your own free website or blog page (numerous sites allow free blogging). If you have twitter, great!

3.) After you get approved (you will be notified by email), go to the affiliate page and log in.

4.) After you are logged in, hover over the “Marketing tools” menu item, there should be a dropdown menu item called “Default Link”, select it.

5.) On this page, simply click the “submit” button. Your unique tracking url (the url you will use to refer people) should appear. From all the code, only copy the part as highlighted in the picture below (everything after the first ‘ up to the second ‘). Now that you have your link, copy and save it somewhere.

Springbok Casino Affiliate Program

6.) You can now use your unique url to refer people. Remember they need to click through your link go to Springbok Casino.

7.) You can track your earnings and traffic in your affiliate account.

8.) Earnings are deposited directly into your player account.

How to use my unique tracking url?

There are a lot of different ways to market Springbok Casino. Just to mention a few.

1.) Facebook – Most of us have FB profiles that allow us to post updates etc. Simply post your unique link as a status update. Most of your friends and family will then see it and click on it to go to Springbok Casino. You can also post your link on groups or pages (please don’t spam). Tip – Go to tinyurl.com and make your link smaller, it will then just look better and more people will click on it.

2.) Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest – All of these social sites allow you to post some type of update. If you have a youtube channel with videos on it, why not add your link in the description of your videos. People viewing your video can then click on your link. In regards to pinterest, pin a popular picture and then just change the picture url to your unique link. People re-pinning your picture will then spread your link all over the web.

3.) Website – If you have a blog or any other website – Simply write a review on Springbok Casino and add your  tracking link. You could also easily create a free blog at blogger.com etc.

4.) Forums, Discussion boards, Blogs – Participate in Forums or blogs – Most forums allow you to create an account with your own signature (will appear below your posts), add your link to your signature.

These are only a couple of ways how to use your tracking link. Sign up at the Springbok Casino Affiliate Program today!

Best of Luck!